Are you ready to raise your makeup game? Some makeup tools are absolute must-haves for a stunning makeup look, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned makeup artist.

Makeup brushes are essential for achieving a beautiful, airbrushed look that will give you the confidence to tackle the day. However, the large number of makeup brushes on the market might overwhelm the purchasing process. 

If you purchase a multi-pack set, you may not know the names of all the cosmetic brushes or their specialized usage. 

From blending your base to curling your eyelashes, these are the must-haves for any beauty makeup bag

You know you have what it takes; you only need to know how to use it. 

Makeup brushes and sponges have nothing on you. It is time to show them. Let’s go!

How Many Types of Makeup Brushes & What Are Their Uses

Sometimes you get 20+ makeup brushes or 50+ in a set for a makeup look. From a minimal makeup look to a detailed one, you need the tools to achieve it. 

If you’re wondering if you really need these 20 to 50 makeup brushes, our answer is…maybe. But no worries, we get you the details and instructions to get the best of the brushes and sponges you purchase. 

Foundation Brush 

What Is It—A flawless makeup look should begin with an even foundation. Without a practical brush, applying liquid foundations may be tricky. A foundation brush is designed primarily to apply a make up base. 

Foundation brushes come in different shapes, such as resembling a paintbrush, a toothbrush, or those with a flat tip. These shapes will assist you in applying a flawless foundation to your face. 

A decent foundation brush should have straight, flexible bristles that are easy to use. 

It is essential to apply foundation to your face with this brush to eliminate visible lines or marks.

How To Use—

  • Start by dotting the foundation on your entire face region.
  • Then use the brush to blend it over your complete face. 
  • For keeping clean and healthy skin, it’s critical to wash your brushes regularly, especially foundation brushes with makeup brush cleanser.
Concealer Brush

What Is It—After applying foundation, you can use concealers to mask flaws and brighten depressed areas on your face. 

You can use a small concealer brush to cover these areas precisely. A concealer brush resembles a miniature foundation brush. It has the shape of a paintbrush, though it has thicker brushing. 

How To Use—

  • To begin, apply a small amount of concealer to the desired area. 
  • Then dab it gently onto your skin until it completely blends with your foundation. 
  • You can repeat this step to conceal the desired flaws, such as acne scars and dark circles.

What Is It—This sponge is in the hands of many pro-makeup artists worldwide for applying and blending base makeup. 

This teardrop-shaped sponge absorbs water rather than product, extending the life of your foundation, concealer, BB cream, and other cosmetics. The top of the sponge fits the contours of the face and hides blemishes with a bouncing method, while the bottom seamlessly blends makeup over broader areas. 

How To Use—

  • Slightly dampen it and squeeze it to rid of extra moisture. 
  • Apply makeup to your face, then lightly bounce the sponge over it. 
  • Then mix in a patting manner.
  • Remember to clean with a sponge cleanser and warm water.
Contour Brush

What Is It— A contour brush is comparable in size to a blush brush; however, it has a highly dense brushing pattern and an angled form. This angled form will aid in the exact application of the contour. It works with both powdered and cream-based contour products.

How To Use—

  • You can apply the contour brush to the depressed areas of your cheeks. 
  • Then lightly rub the product gently into the skin. 
  • Remember to take caution to apply the product to the appropriate place on your face, or it will look extremely unusual. 
Powder Brush

What Is It—When you’ve finished your base makeup, set it all with a layer of loose powder to keep it intact throughout the day and give you a perfect appearance. 

In this case, use a powder brush that is large and fluffy, with a dome shape, to distribute the powder evenly all over the face. 

While using the powder brush, you can apply loose powder softly because the makeup brush spreads the powder equally on your face.

How To Use—

  • Firstly, dip it into pressed and loose powders both.
  • Then move it in circles and sweep it across your entire face. 
  • To ensure proper application, work your way from the center of your face to your cheek, jaw, and forehead.
Stippling Brush

What Is It—A stippling brush’s strands are of two different lengths. Most of the stippling brush is formed of fiber and is bundled with longer fibers more densely than the rest. 

Stippling brushes are ideal for applying many types of makeup. This multi-purpose brush can apply bronzer, highlights, powder and cream blushes, and liquid foundation.

How Is It—

  • Dip the brush evenly into the product.
  • Then stipple it into your face.
Eyeshadow Brush

What Is It—A general eye shadow brush is a tiny, stubby brush for sweeping eye shadow around the lid and upper eye area. This eyeshadow brush is also an excellent tool for applying eye shadow primer.

How To Use—

  • Dip the brush into the shadow.
  • Tap off the excess eyeshadow. 
  • And apply to the lids. 
  • Dip the brush in water for a more pigmented effect.
Eyeshadow Crease Brush

What Is It—This brush typically features a mild taper, allowing tight accuracy while applying the finishing touches to your smokey eye. It creates a striking contrast to your lid color and makes an appearance of depth.

How To Use—

  • Layer the shadow pigment where the eyelids naturally fold.
Angled Eyeshadow Brush

What Is It— An angled eye makeup brush is an excellent addition for more experienced beauty enthusiasts. It adds vivid hues to the corners of your eyes, smudges precisely, and lines your crease with a contrasting color. 

How To Use—

  • Using a wiper stroke, apply a base with the flat edge and the pointed tip into the crease of the eye socket.
Eyeliner Brush

What Is It—This brush produces a thicker lash line or cat-eye effect. It creates a glamorous and smoldering look like the icon Marilyn Monroe. Usually, it is available in a single, or multiple brush set or with an eyeliner pot. 

How To Use—

  • For improving your cat-eye skills, the hash or dot method is perfect. 
  • Make small hashes or dots down your lash line with the eyeliner brush.
  • Follow it by a final dot where the end of the wing would go. 
  • To get cat-eye perfection, join the dots. 
Eyebrow Brush

What Is It—Most brow brushes are double-sided, with a comb side and a brush side. A duo-brow brush can help you tame and style even the unruliest brows. You may also purchase brow kits customized to match any brow color. 

How To Use— 

  • To begin, use the comb to straighten and contour your brows. 
  • Then, with the brush side, apply your brow powder or gel. 
  • Whether applying cream or powder, use quick staccato strokes that finish to a definite point at the ends. 
  • Instead of forcing your brows into strange shapes, follow their natural eyebrow shape. 
Mascara Wand

What is It—It applies mascara to the upper and lower lash lines. Mascara wands are much-needed tools that everyone should keep. They aid in separating and enhancing each lash. For an even more dramatic and bold finish, use an eyelash curler before applying your mascara.  

How To Use—

  • Squeegee extra product over the opening of the mascara tube to prevent excessive mascara on your lashes. 
  • Then apply it carefully to the upper lashes in a quick motion and the lower lash line in a slow motion. 

Lip Brush

What Is It—It applies lipstick, gloss, and other lip products accurately. Sometimes, it might be hard to remain in line when applying lipstick. A lip brush fixes the issue quickly.

How To Use— 

  • Dab the brush into your lip product. 
  • Then apply to your lips. 
  • Finish the appearance with a liner in a similar color.
Lip Liner Brush

What Is It—This brush can apply lip liner after lipstick. Lip liners, both flat and tapered, serve to complete your lip look. It lines your lips precisely, smooths over flaws, and contours your mouth attractively.

How To Use—

  • Use the same lipstick for the liner. 
  • Dab the lip liner brush onto the lipstick product.
  • Then apply it to the edges of the lips to make a detailed shape.
Blush Brush

What Is It—A blush brush resembles a powder brush in appearance. Blush brushes are often a little stubbier than powder brushes since they cover a smaller area. 

How To Use—

  • First, test the pigmentation on the back of your hand or wrist.
  • Begin with gentle pressure.
  • Apply blush outward from the apples of your cheeks. 
Fan Brush

What Is It—A fan brush is, unsurprisingly, shaped like a fan. Because of their versatility, these beauty brushes are an excellent addition to any makeup artist’s toolkit.

This brush is particularly effective as a mistake-corrector. Perhaps you’re doing a smokey eye and get carried away with the eye makeup with flecks of color everywhere, and you’ve turned into a raccoon. 

How To Use—

  • Gently brush away any extra color specks. 
  • Also, use it to softly buff bronzer or highlighter onto your cheekbones in a sweeping motion. 
  • Also, fan away the intensity to soften the dark blush.

Cleansing Makeup Brushes & Sponges

While we’re on the subject of makeup brushes, you need to monitor your routine to avoid infections, rashes, and other nasty side effects after using dirty brushes. 

Since we know all the dos and don’ts of how-to-use makeup brushes now, we also need to know: how to clean the makeup brushes and sponges before using them next time on your healthy and beautiful face. 

  • Use a gentle cleanser or brush-specific cleanser to wash your brushes and keep bacteria at bay. 
  • Then, using a paper towel or a makeup brush cleaning wipe, spin the makeup brush until it is clean. 
  • Rinse the brushes to ensure there is no soap left in them. 
  • Allow the brushes to air dry to keep their form.

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Final Thoughts From Beonon

Nowadays, makeup is women’s best friend, topping the diamonds even. For the best glamorous, or natural makeup look, you need to store all the makeup brush and sponge info in your brain so that you can use it in a jiffy.

Quick and smart, that’s what you will be when you know how to use all the brushes in your makeup brush set. 

Now you are good to go and do your favorite makeup look!

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