Freshest and Fantastic Perfumes! Are you a perfume fanatic? Do you want your perfumes to last long and fresh? Then Beonon is the right place for you. Our beauty experts get together to share the best notes and tips for scent lovers.

Perfumes not only scent you but the whole room as you enter. All eyes turn to you naturally as you radiate a wonderful aroma as you go but imagine that only lasts an hour. Oh, no! 

That is why we bring you the Best Tricks to make it as new as ever.

How to Wear Perfume: Tips for Longer-Lasting Scents

Do you want to be sure you’re properly wearing and caring for your favorite perfume? If definitely yes, you must remember the dos and don’ts. The last step to your beauty regimen is surrounding yourself with beautiful fragrances, but you might think applying them is straightforward. However, some factors determine whether your perfume lasts longer on your skin.

  • Do not apply perfume directly to your skin and rub— It causes friction and evaporates the top notes.
  • Spray on your pulse points— Extra body heat naturally diffuses a scent, making the perfume linger all day.
  • It’s important to keep your perfume in a safe place— Irregular temp alters a perfume’s composition; keep it in a cool, dark, and dry place, i.e., bedroom dresser or drawer, or perfume box, to maintain its longevity.
  • Spritz your perfume and walk into it— Over-applying isn’t pleasant and only inconveniences others; this puts a light layer on your outfit and elevates your natural scent. 
  • Spray onto your clothes— Fragrances smell different on fabrics and emit a light waft of scent as you walk; spritz in air and wave your clothes around or apply on the inner part of your jacket or coat.
  • Apply after the shower— Perfume absorbs better into the skin when the body is warm and pores are open.
  • Applying after moisturization— A light coat of moisturizer gives the perfume oils to clasp onto something and last longer on the skin. 

How to Store Perfumes: Safekeeping Your Perfume for a Long Time

The Best Way to Use and Storage perfume for always fresh and cool feel. Perfumes combine alcohol and essential oils, which can alter if irregular temp or light interferes. So, we should store them properly for it to last longer. 

4 Ways to Keep Your perfume fresh for days

Here are some steps to make your perfume last longer and safely tucked away:

  1. Protect perfume from light

While it may appear a lovely idea to keep the beautiful bottles on your windowsill, this is a terrible place to store perfume if you want it to last. Light causes a fragrance’s molecules to break down, rendering its balance unstable and liable to oxidation.

  1. Protect perfume from heat and humidity

Heat and humidity will disintegrate scent molecules and change their composition, so keep it away from them. It is better to store the perfume below 15° C or 59° F and avoid keeping it in the bathroom since the temperature inside fluctuates as you use it. 

  1. Do not leave the bottles half-empty

Continue to use it until the perfume bottle is empty. Once the bottle is half empty, the oxygen inside raises the chance of alteration. If your perfume collection is large, change perfumes according to the lowest content in the bottles.

  1. Keep the perfume in a cool place.

A fridge is a wonderful option for keeping your fragrance at the right temperature. However, If the fridge door continuously opens, it’s not the right location.  You can always use aluminium foil and wrap your perfume or, even better, store it in the freezer. Aroma is alcohol-based, so it will not freeze and feel pleasant at a cooler temperature.

How to Know Expired Perfumes: Tips & Tricks to Recognize Your Expired Perfumes

From the moment you open your new perfume, your perfume’s lifespan starts. Many factors like storage, temperature, and usage determine the length of the perfume’s lifespan. But chill out; where there’s a will, there’s a way. Do you want to be well prepared? Well, we’ve got the right tips to have your perfect perfumes in hand!

How to Recognize Your Expired Perfume?
  • Original scent changes—over time, if the expiration date nears, your fragrance will lose the scent it started with.
  • Perfume or cologne smelling like vinegar—irregular temp and storage change the concentration of a fragrance, making its scent pungent.
  • The original color turns dark—expired perfumes change to a darker shade, for instance, clear or translucent to amber colour.
  • Concentration evaporates—perfumes with more alcohol solution evaporate over time.
  • Checking the expiration date—note the expiration or ‘best before packaging’ date on the fragrance box.

The Best Type of Perfume to Last Long: Choose What Scent Makes You Swoon & Linger More

  • Parfum (13% – 30%)

The highest concentrated and strong whiff of fragrance for the perfume fanatics determined to invade people’s senses with every wish of their body, making it the rarest and most expensive type of perfume. Although proud and confident, it lasts long as the release of the ultra-refined notes takes time, for instance, at least 10 hours, and usually far more. Furthermore, this may be preferable for persons with sensitive skin because they contain significantly less alcohol and are thus less likely to dry out the skin.

  • Eau de Parfum (8% – 15%)

Cool-headed yet intense enough aroma to last longer, feel more intimate and make an ideal pairing for a romantic evening with your beau or a special occasion to turn heads. On average, it designs to linger for 8 hours, lasting longer on the skin, without giving the person next to you a headache or transferring onto another person’s neck after a hug. With it being the most common fragrance, it is still detectable at the end of the day. If you have skin sensitivity, selecting this variety will lessen the likelihood of a bad reaction because lower alcohol levels are gentler on your skin. Remember that it doesn’t mingle well with delicate fabrics like silk, so be mindful where you spritz.

Long-Lasting Perfumes: Get The One That Will Be Fresh & New As Long As You Want

A new floral perfume unfurling in a whiff of white flowers and citrus top notes brings a calming and pleasing perfumed sensation. This perfume lasts long to give you a beautiful evening.

A wonderful blend of exotic perfume introduces sparkling top notes in a combination of subtle and creamy anticipation. This fragrance gives you a long-lasting aroma of a spontaneous and adventurous vibe.

  • YSL Black Opium eau de Parfum. 

A modern, distinctive mix of coffee, jasmine, vanilla, and wood creates an addictive roasted aroma. This perfume lasts longer and appeals to all perfume fanatics. 

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Common Perfume Queries


Perfume manufacturers from various fragrant compounds that make up the base, middle, and top notes, with the oils coming from natural or synthetic resources. Most fragrance producers suggest discarding your bottle following one to three years (better to check the packaging for any specific dates), but because the scent doesn’t expire like food, it’s sometimes acceptable to prolong using a bottle for four to five years. However, there is a shelf life for fragrances because of external factors.


Depending on the perfume’s concentration, packaging, and storage circumstances, unopened bottles maintained in a cold, dark, and dry place might last for years (from a few years to decades). Also, an opened fragrance bottle can last between 5 months and 5 years.


Products with oxidation can irritate the skin, and some scents, on the other hand, may begin to taint clothing where they previously did not.  Consistently verify using a patch test, such as the inside of your wrist, and if you didn’t react in 24 hours, proceed with caution. Direct contact with the degraded chemicals may cause allergic symptoms. If the liquid doesn’t stain fabric, but you’re still hesitant to put it on your skin, try smelling it on your clothes. If not the skin, perfume can also make worn on a scarf, napkin, or the inner hem of a skirt or pair of trousers.


Some fragrance notes flourish in body heat, and applying them directly to the skin is the ideal way to get the most out of your scent. However, it is very dependent on the sensitivity levels of your skin. If you have sensitive skin, clothes are a better and safe option to savor the fragrance. And also, perfumes last considerably longer in your clothes fibers than they will on your skin. But during warm days, the hair or the nape is the ideal texture for applying perfume. As this region warms up over the day, the aromatic notes of your bouquet will diffuse better.


It’s better to dab than rub. Spraying and rubbing should avoid for two reasons. Rubbing your wrists together, for starters, can weaken top notes or the scents your perfume emits in the first few minutes after spritzing. Second, it rapidly fuses the fragrance with your natural oils, changing the perfume’s aroma.

Last Parting Scents

Save yourself the trouble of reapplying every 2 hours to make your perfume last longer on you. Instead, get yourself a fragrance that sticks by you, or you could follow the above simple tricks to make your favorite one stand out more and make you the centre of attention. 

Perfume Diva, here we go!

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